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I'll Show You Three Simple Steps To Boost Your Python Skills, Write Better Code Faster, And Even Do Better In Interviews!

Inside this book, I'll show you how I 10X'ed my Python skills fast, slashed my debugging time, and thoroughly mastered the main skills interviewers always asked me about. You'll also get a roadmap to boost your Three Keys skills even more.

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Dear Python fan:

Do you want to see how to quickly create more expressive and well organized code?

Would you like to get the method I use to slash my debugging time, cutting my bug count in half?

And are you ready to learn the single most important Python feature for "big data"?

If you already know how to write simple Python scripts using functions, dictionaries, and lists...

This page tells you the three "next level" Python tools used every day by the world's best coders.

You see, when I started my coding career in Silicon Valley, I felt overwhelmed. There was so much to learn, and I did not know where to start.

In hindsight, I can see there are three topics that gave me 90% of the "boost" in the early days. Making all my Python coding faster, easier, and best of all...

More Bug Free!

I call these the "Three Keys to Better Python".

And once you learn them, you suddenly find you can write great Python code...

Faster, Better, And Easier!

Want to see how?

Key #1: Pythonic OOP

Object-Oriented Programming is the foundation of all powerful Python code.

Once you go pass the basics, and start to "level up". everything builds on object oriented patterns. Making this the first important Key.

Now, you maybe not too experienced with classes yet. That is why there are TWO chapters for this key...

The first introduces the basics of Python classes, for those who need that.

And the second OOP chapter goes more advanced. Teaching you how to use inheritance to make expressive class hierarchies in your Python code.

This is the key to make your code more maintainable, flexible, and easy to re-use.

Plus it "unlocks" the next key for you, which is...

Key #2: Automated Tests

This next key is transformational.

It is one of the primary skills separating average developers, from the best engineers on the face of the earth.

That key is:

Writing automated tests.

Also called "unit tests". And how you can use them to write richer, powerful, more complex software than you ever could before.

Simply put, learning this skill gives you a SUPERPOWER.

It is like getting your own personal army of software testers, constantly checking for bugs...

Telling you as soon as they pop up, when they are easy to squash.

So Your Code Is Rock Solid.

And you feel confident in your code, more than ever before.

Even better: when you write larger programs, this lets you develop them faster.

That's right. You can actually write those larger programs in less time than you could before.

It does not speed up small programs in the same way. But even with tiny scripts, you still get the benefit of fewer bugs and more trustworthy code.

And with larger programs, you get that benefit, AND the speedup too!

Key #3: Generators

The third key is about making your programs gracefully handle increasing amounts of data.

Because like it or not, we are in the age of "big data"...

Guaranteeing the programs you write will have to handle more data, not less.

And there is a "power tool" for making your programs better able to handle it all...

A mechanism called the generator. A rich and poorly-understood feature of Python...

Infusing ALL Your Code With Robust Scalability...

Maintaining performance as your programs chew bigger chunks of data.

And you know that with every passing year, the amount of data continues to grow.

Practically guaranteeing this key will become more important over time...

Roadmaps For Mastery

For each Key, you get a section of bonus content:

A roadmap for taking it to the next level.

Because this book is short, and designed to give you "quick wins" that you can put into action TODAY...

And I know that once you start seeing these immediate gains in your code quality, confidence, and Pythonic ability...

You will be eager to improve more.

That is why you get three "roadmap" sections... One for each Key...

So you know exactly what to focus on next to keep going.

Bonus Key #1: Higher-Level Collections

When you buy Three Keys to Better Python today, you get a valuable bonus:

A supplement teaching a whole extra Key!

This "bonus booklet" includes a chapter on higher-level collections...

List comprehensions, in particular, to start...

Which are a high-level and declarative way to create a new list in Python.

And it continues beyond the basics of this fun and valuable Python feature...

Teaching you more advanced comprehension tricks and techniques...

And including exercises to sharpen your learning and test your new skills.

This is not part of the Three Keys book. Instead, it is part of a free bonus supplement booklet you receive when you buy today.

Bonus Key #2: Pythonic Design Patterns

This next section, also part of your supplement booklet, teaching three new features of Python's object system...

Going far beyond what you learn in Three Keys to Better Python.

You will learn about a powerful Python feature called properties, and how it can help especially when you need to refactor your code.

You will learn about "class methods" in Python, and why they are so important for supporting alternative instantiation...

And you will learn about factory patterns, and how to support them the Python way.

This is another free bonus when you purchase Three Keys to Better Python today.

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