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Elite Tier for Powerful Python Bootcamp


The Elite Bootcamp provides more depth for those who are serious about developing world-class Pythonistia skills.

And the Thought Leader Track trains you in the influence and communication skills to establish yourself as a lasting authority in your technology domain.

Thought Leadership Track
Price $5,000 (one-time) $7,000 (one-time)
Group Mentoring Access Minimum 90 days (All Future Sessions) Minimum 90 days (All Future Sessions)
Course access Permanent Permanent
Courses unlocked All unlocked at the start All unlocked at the start
Group Mentoring Recordings Full back catalog
(100+ hours)
Full back catalog
(100+ hours)
Pythonic OOP
Test-Driven Python
Scaling Python With Generators
Higher-Order Python
Code Walkthroughs
Python Module Organization
Logging in Python
Errors And Exceptions
Python Dependency Management
Command-Line Python Programs
Web Service
(project course)
Professional Self-Promotion Training (One-To-Many)
Soft/Social Skills Training (One-To-One)

To enroll, email "PURCHASE" to:

Meet the Powerful Python Training Curriculum

Powerful Python’s curriculum comes out of Aaron Maxwell’s early partnership with O’Reilly Media. In this partnership, he developed a comprehensive and rigorous curriculum for intermediate to advanced Python, and taught it to over 10,000 technology professionals worldwide... with students from nearly every engineering domain, culture, and continent.

He also wrote a book, then decided to further develop and teach this curriculum independently, as Powerful Python Bootcamp.

This makes Powerful Python Bootcamp the most well-tested professional Python curriculum ever taught in the history of Python... and arguably the history of ANY programming language. It is unlikely anything will ever surpass its quality, rigor, or track record for results.

Module 1: Pythonic OOP
(Over 5 hours of course video)
Module 2: Test-Driven Python
(Over 4 hours of course video)
  • Foundations of Automated Testing
  • Types of test: Unit Tests, Integration Tests, and More
  • Test-Driven Development
  • Detailed Test Assertion Types & Strategies
  • Fixtures
  • Parameterized Tests (And Subtests)
  • Mock Objects
  • Patching With Mocks
  • Mocking Strategies: Pros and Cons
Module 3: Scaling Python With Generators
(Over 2 hours of course video)
  • Foundations of Generators
  • Generator Design Patterns
  • The Iteration Protocol in Python
  • List Comprehensions
  • Generator Comprehensions (And Other Comprehensions)
  • Passing Data Into Generators (Coroutines)
  • Overview of AsyncIO
Module 4: Higher Order Python
(Over 2 hours of course video)
  • Variable Arguments and Argument Unpacking
  • Functions As Objects
  • Writing Simple Decorators
  • Stateful Decorators and More
  • Higher-Order Decorators
  • Class-Based Decorators
Module 5: Python Code Walkthroughs
(Nearly 5 hours of course video)
  • A detailed narrated walkthrough of real-world production Python codebases
  • DateInterval class
  • Program:
  • DownloadDir class
  • EmailAnonymizer class
  • "Out of context" Analysis of A Special Method
  • Bonus Q&A Session Recordings
Module 6: Practical Python Engineering
(Over 4 hours of course video)
  • Python Module Organization
  • Logging in Python
  • Errors And Exceptions
  • Python Dependency Management
  • Command-Line Python Programs
Module 7: Project Implementation (Web Service)
(Over 3.5 hours of course video)
  • The most challenging Python course ever created!
  • Project where you fully code a realistic, complex software application...
  • Starting with nothing but a short spec document, and an empty folder...
  • Building out the entire application using test-driven development and version control...
  • To a standard of quality that will pass a rigorous code review in a top-tier engineering team.
  • And it is HARD. But you can do it, by the time you get here. Because the preceding modules prepare you.
Professional Self-Promotion Training (One-To-Many)
(Over 14 hours of course video)
  • Becoming An Idea Machine
  • Compelling Writing Skills
  • Your Professional Online Presence
  • The "Secret Weapon" Of Email
  • Conquering Social Media And Other Platforms
  • Taking It IRL
  • Predicting future trends
Soft/Social Skills Training (One-To-One)
(10 hours of course video)
  • Compelling Conversations
  • Fantastic First Impressions
  • Psychology of Persuasion
  • Public Speaking
  • Dating skills
  • Creating (And Growing) Your Social Circle
  • Applying Your Skills In Interviews
  • "Soft Skills" Reading Library

Group Mentoring

The Bootcamp includes weekly group mentoring sessions, led by an expert Pythonista. This allows you to get your questions answered live.

These sessions are recorded, so if you are not able to attend live, you can submit your questions before and they will be answered on the recording for you.

The best part of group mentoring is that you learn from other student’s questions. Most Bootcamp students are skilled technology professionals with high career ambitions, who consistently asking AMAZING questions you never would have thought to ask on your own.

This makes the group mentoring sessions a priceless learning experience for everyone. Plus it’s a lot of fun!

Extensive Group Mentoring Archive

The full Bootcamp archive includes over 100 hours of video from past Elite Group Mentoring sessions.

This trove is filled with priceless insights and live coding demonstrations, for a wide range of practical, real-world topics in Python, software engineering, data science, and much more.

To our knowledge, this is the most extensive repository of realistic and advanced discourse for Python professionals in the world. A partial list of topics:

To enroll, email "PURCHASE" to:

How Do I Know The Bootcamp Is Right For Me?

The best way is to do the sample coding exercises, which include videos from the curriculum and the all-important "lab" coding exercises.

This demonstrates for you how Powerful Python Bootcamp is different from other trainings, and how good a fit it will be for meeting your professional goals.

Powerful Python Bootcamp is for data engineers & data scientists; software engineers & developers; network engineers; security engineers; web developers; test engineers; devops/SREs; QA automation; and all other technology professionals writing Python code in their work.

Simply put: if you write Python code, the Bootcamp is likely to quantum leap your entire future career.

Questions & Answers

Who is Powerful Python Bootcamp designed for?

Bootcamp students have a long tail of job titles. These include Data Scientists & Engineers; Software Engineers & Developers; Network Engineers; Security Engineers; Web Developers; Test Engineers; Devops/SREs; QA Automation; and many more. The common thread is technology professionals writing Python code as part of their normal work.

What are the prerequisites?

The Bootcamp is not for complete beginners. But you do not need to be a master Pythonista, either.

One good way to tell: have you been paid to write any Python code before? If so, then you almost certainly qualify, even if you do not feel like your code so far has been impressive.

More explicitly: if you can write simple Python scripts which do something useful, and which use functions, dicts and lists; and you are able to run those scripts on the command line; then you almost certainly qualify.

At the other extreme, if you have been writing sophisticated Python code for years, many of our students with this background have reported surprising and phenomenal improvements from the Bootcamp as well.

To be sure, do the sample coding exercises. This will accurately tell you what the Bootcamp is like, so you can make your own decision.

How is Thought Leader differnet from Elite?

Thought Leader includes everything in the Elite Bootcamp. In addition, it includes something absolutely unique: professional training of influence and communication skills, to establish yourself as a lasting authority in your technology domain.

This includes training in writing; public speaking; social media management; "soft" and social skills; interpersonal networking; and much more. Made specifically for technology professionals, there is nothing like it in the world.

How much time does this take?

We recommend you invest at least 5 hours per week, and attend at least one group mentoring session per week. Of course, more is better, but this is designed for busy professionals to fit into their schedule.

How do I sign up?

To enroll, email "PURCHASE" to:

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Pythonic OOP

Test-Driven Python

Scaling Python With Generators

Next-Level Python

The Powerful Python Book

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