Read Carefully.

In your lifelong quest to become the best engineer, or data scientist, etc., that you can...

What's necessary for reaching your next level of excellence, every time?

My answer: CLARITY.

That's why we do "Python clarity calls" - where a Powerful Python coach actually talks for a few minutes with you, live, one-on-one...

To quickly, powerfully zone-in on what will level you up, FAST. As a developer using Python.

It's free. But:

1) This is NOT for people new to Python. I expect you've mastered the basics already.

2) There's an application you must fill out. Not everyone qualifies.

3) If you book a time, I expect you to promptly finish the (short) application. And if you're accepted, I expect you to SHOW UP.

You can reschedule or even cancel. But no flaking. Respect my time, and yours.

4) You'll get valuable clarity you can put into action right away. Then - and only if it makes sense - we'll explain how you and I can work together to reach your goals in weeks, instead of years.

5) The calls are recorded - for quality control, and also so we can give you a copy (on request - just ask).

6) We're only doing only a few free calls each week; first come, first serve.

Got it?

Great. Pick any time available below (watch the video for a demo), fill out the application, and we'll talk soon:

IMPORTANT: this is Step #1 of 2 Steps. After booking, you will be redirected to the application. It MUST be filled out within 2 hours, or your call will be canceled. Thank you.