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"This is an absolute master class in Python. You will simply not find another Python class that presents such advanced material in such an easy-to-grasp manner." (Eric Kramer, Software Architect)

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“My name is Erik Engstrom and I'm an embedded system developer with an electrical engineering background... One issue for me was coming from so much experience in a low-level language like C, is I tended to write Python code like C code. And it wasn't until I took the Powerful Python Academy that I began to start writing Python code in a more Python way. As well as just start using things like generators and function decorators, which are foreign concept in C, but very powerful. Powerful Python's first principle approach, I think, it was the main thing that - or the primary thing - that really attracted me to it, as well is just focusing on mastering this language, not just using it. But the idea of mastering is something that was very attractive and something that I wanted. And so I really, really appreciated this course... And this way of teaching and the course material really encourages you to do quite a bit hands-on work with it. And so it's been very valuable. And I would highly recommend it to anyone else, either just getting started or if you just want to add an additional language to your repertoire of computer language programming languages. So yeah, I really encourage you to consider it.”
“I recommend Powerful Python to everybody that I hear wants to learn Python. I tried other Python books and other premium content, and they didn't go deep enough. I found they pretty much repeated each other. I tried different videos. And I found, well, I just learned the same thing before. But it wasn't good enough for me. I couldn't apply that example to my own work. I couldn't extend it. I just couldn't use it. I needed something else. And when I tried Powerful Python, when I read the book, when I tried the course, it was quite different. It was much better than any other instructor that I've listened to. So, now I feel confident of using Python, of knowing what the advanced features are. And so I'm able to, now when I pick up a task, I know, okay, I can do this or I shouldn't do that. Before, I had to look up every single time. How do I do this in Python, and then what is that? And what does it mean? And what other options are there? Now I know what the options are. And I'm able to just move along. And if I do need to learn a particular feature, I can go look up what that is. And I'm able to apply to what I've learned already about the foundations... I was able to learn in a matter of weeks all I needed to learn about Python to use it proficiently, something that I feel would have taken me months to learn on my own... So I really recommend it to everybody.”
“Powerful Python Academy is amazing... A big step up from other courses I've taken from Udemy and other blogs and websites covering topics that range from object-oriented programming to generators. Everyone seems to have a different way of doing it. And nothing was ever substantiated as to why it was done that way. In the Powerful Python Academy, everything from object-oriented programming and test-driven development to generators and decorators was covered in great detail for all of the necessary and pertinent details. And everything is justified with very good reasons as to why it's done the way that it's done in the Academy. And it makes sense from scaling and maintainability to do things that way to think that way. And at the end of the program, I had noticed that my thought process changed from how I was dealing with code, what I was looking for when I saw a new code base. Looking at old code that I had written and refactoring it, making it better, more concise, maintainable, better documentation all throughout and just from the way the Academy was put together and the quality of the homework, and how the homework assignments, the labs were constructed. Everything was well thought out... Everything that's said is said for a reason. So there is no wasted time in the videos, which is really nice because a lot of videos elsewhere dilly dally a lot on chit chat and other things... If I had to do it all over again, I would do it in a heartbeat. It was amazing, and I changed as a programmer because of it. So, I highly recommend the Powerful Python Academy. And again, if you're on the fence, just do it because it's great.”

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”My motivations to sign up for Python Academy is simple. I want to using Python for reusable code with clarity so that the future me can benefit from it. From time to time when I come across some problems I don't know how to figure it out, I search for the community. And many times they have a quick solution out there, easy, right? So I copy and paste into my code, make minor adjustment, and then viola, it works. Great. But many times I don't really know how it works. It comes to a point that I'm determined to understand, to appreciate those very well-written codes with performance and then the trade-off in mind, so that I can apply the same technique into my codes... The process is pretty straightforward. You sign up for it. You get a download link for all the material you need to access to it. You watch the video. You do your homework. You sign up for a one-on-one coaching sessions... Overall, I'm pretty happy for the commitment I made, for the effort, for the time, and then the investment. I feel like there's a bunch of the door has been opened for me to conquer for the next level.”
”So I started getting interested into data analytics and web development and things of that nature, and I wanted to learn more of Python and I started reading books. And it wasn't getting me the place where I wanted. Like, when you start writing proficient software, you think about a lot of things. You think about how to do error handling, how to make it robust, and things like that. And I wasn't getting anything out from many of the books or Udemies or the coaching courses... I got to know about the Powerful Python Academy, which is - overall, I wasn't sure that how good can it be and how quick can it change your thinking and your learning. But I was very skeptical, and now I know for sure it's really good... It's a great teaching style, what I found. And it helps in learning because you question something and then you absorb it, and it stays permanently with you... I've been a developer for about eight years. So it's not the language that is important. It's your thinking and how that thinking applies to the language... The labs take the concept really to your brain. It permanently embeds that into your brain, and that helps a lot for working professionals... It's a really good experience with the Academy, and in a very short amount of time I was able to gain a lot of concepts and start applying them. I'm doing personal projects. I do projects at work. And I see the difference that what it creates from what I was before the Academy started and what it is now. I would highly recommend doing the Academy. And the claims are true, that it would take you to a level which not every Python developer can do or even any developer can do. ”
”Hi my name is Jeffrey Smart. I live in Los Angeles, California and I'm here to tell you about my experiences with the Powerful Python Academy... Powerful Python Academy is grounded in the real world... Through a round of interviews that I just had for a software engineering position. I'd say about half of the programming examples were all but taken directly from PPA materials. So when I would see these questions I really could hit the ground running. I've gone through each of the Powerful Python Academy modules at least twice... and that has now made the Python PEP proposals much easier for me to understand. It makes listening to keynotes by core developers or reading technical articles by Python code developers also much more accessible... I came to Python from a financial analyst type of background with some Jupyter and data science experience. So some of the PPA concepts were new ground for me. The audio lectures I thought were very clear. The written materials were great. And the programming labs, including solutions, were also very helpful. So I never got stuck or stalled out. And that was important to me because I had no access to a local expert. Finally I would say that the materials are very clear and concise. I think for all of us, time and attention are limited resources... But the PPA material is very focused. Every sentence counts. Every example pulls its own weight. In conclusion then I would say one of the best endorsements I can make is that I would use the Powerful Python Academy materials to prepare for positions, to prepare for interviews for software engineering positions. I hope that you find it as useful as I have, thanks.”

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