Extra Coding Exercises

The main coding exercises are simplified versions of actual Bootcamp coding exercises. Why simplify them? Because you are a busy professional, and we want to give you something you can finish in under an hour.

Of course, people have different skill levels in different topic areas, and sometimes people happen to find these few simplified labs straightforward.

If that happens to be you, here are additional lab files which are more typical of what you'll experience during the actual training. I've included both the "main" lab and the "extra credit" lab for each, so you can see how they are different.

If you look at these and feel overwhelmed - don't worry! We teach you how to handle it. Powerful Python teaches you to write complex, real-world code like this. And we teach you fast, in a way that fits your busy schedule.

(A comment on the memoize_extra.py lab: you will notice its solution shows several versions. This is because we are teaching you to write realistically complex code, which often has several "correct" implementations, sometimes with different trade-offs.)

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