Careers at Powerful Python

The purpose of Powerful Python is to elevate the confidence, joy and life fulfillment of technology professionals around the world.

Grounded in real-world software development excellence, and leveraging powerful principles of behavioral and cognitive psychology...

Our methodology systematically identifies key transformative skills and strategies to rapidly accelerate average developers to the "elite top 1%"... not only changing what that student is now capable of as a Python coder, but often, changing the course of their career as well.

Powerful Python looks like a technical trainer. And it is. But in a deeper sense, PP is more of a "life coach". With our students, we go for profound and utter transformation. Python is just the "hook" we use to pull our students to their highest potential of excellence.

There is nothing like it in the world, and we are expanding. Which brings us to you.

To apply for a role, email with the subject "CAREERS:" + your name + the title of the role you are applying for.

(Unless otherwise noted, all positions are "fully remote"; require strong fluency in spoken and written English; and the ability to work during the day in North American time zones. If you are a US resident, all roles are currently for 1099 contractors. Please note we cannot at this time accept applications from residents of the US states of California or New York.)


This role requires deep technical knowledge, diverse and substantial software development experience, plus excellent communication skills - written, verbally, and even nonverbally.

Responsibilities include:

Student Success Coach

This non-technical role gives you the opportunity to assist students in their journey of growth, by supporting their accountability and managing the conflicting demands of their life, and keeping their focus on Powerful Python materials until it creates the result and change they are seeking.

If you have experience helping clients as a "life coach" or similar role, you might have an ideal background to excel in this role.

Responsibilities include:

Front-End Web Designer And Developer

Detailed description coming soon.

Devops Engineer

Detailed description coming soon.

Back-End Python/Django Developer

Detailed description coming soon.