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The Social and Soft Skills Course Made Especially For Coders And Technology Pros

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Dear fellow technology pro,

If you want to get rid of social anxiety, once and for all...

FINALLY overcome those special, unfair challenges us coders tend to have with communication...

And create the communication skills and relationships you have always wanted...

You will want to keep reading.

My name is Aaron, and I'm a computer programmer..

And like many others in tech, I started out as a painfully shy introvert...

Because our brains are just "put together" differently...

Giving us social challenges most people will NEVER understand.

To the point my horrendous social skills and constant crippling social anxiety were isolating me...

And I Did Not Like It At All...

The fantastic news is that I figured it out. Bigtime!

Nearly every day I receive so many messages, texts, and phone calls from people I care about, and who care about me...

That often I do not even have time to reply to them all.

They sometimes reach out just because they like me, and want to talk with me.

Other times, inviting me to a fun social event with other people who want to meet me.

Even better, it is easy to make new friends, meet new people, and attract the kind of people I want to attract.

The social anxiety that used to dominate my life is miraculously, completely gone.

And more, I find myself more persuasive and influential than I ever dreamed possible.

This is useful in my personal relationships... but HIGHLY VALUABLE in my professional relationships, too.

Odds are, if you have read this far, you have had these same challenges yourself.

And you want to fix them, just as badly as I did.

I know how urgently important this is for happiness in life, especially for those of us with our head "in the code" so many hours every day.

So I took on the important task to develop a full course just for tech pros like us. I call it:

Social Techies

Module #1: Compelling Conversations (2.5 Hours Of Video)

  • Universal, timeless principles you can adapt to countless social situations…
  • Starting fun conversations that make you and everyone feel energized and happy
  • The two types of questions you can ask... And the COMPLETELY DIFFERENT effects they have to the ongoing conversation
  • How to listen while still keeping in line with your own goals
  • How to join a group conversation in progress, so you do not feel excluded
  • What to do when you feel like your voice is not being heard
  • Being more assertive... Why you have had such a challenge with it until now... And how to fix it
  • Setting boundaries with others, so you are not pulled into other people's drama or get something "pushed" on you that you don't want
  • Ending a conversation when the other person just will not shut up already
  • Keys to feel less self-conscious and more self-confident
  • Reducing or even eliminating social anxiety
  • Speaking more confidently even in intimating situations

Module #2: Fantastic First Impressions (2.5 Hours Of Video)

  • Why making CONSISTENT great first impressions is easier than you think… ESPECIALLY if you have struggled for years
  • The most MIS-leading advice that people robotically spout about first impressions, and what to do instead
  • The surprisingly helpful “cognitive science” of how first impressions work
  • The little-known book that teaches you everything you need to know about eye contact
  • The “tiers of tools and techniques” you have for making great impressions
  • How first-impression skills and conversation skills powerfully inter-relate
  • How to “reboot” a botched first impression
  • How “matching their state” is such a complete and utter game changer when you do it right (+ how to do it right)
  • What “presence” means when meeting people… why it's so powerful, and you (yes, YOU) can cultivate it
  • How to safely practice your eye-contact skills as you are developing them
  • How simple changes to your clothing can completely change how people react to you…
  • While instantly “leveling up” your own self-image (This can easily be the most life-changing part of the course for you)
  • The fitness-industry secret that makes ALL your social interactions better forever (almost no one knows about this)

Module #3: Psychology of Persuasion (1.75 Hours Of Video)

  • Why “manipulation” is the WORST thing you can do with other people… And how to make absolutely sure you NEVER do it, not even accidentally
  • “Empathy skills” that let you understand what people truly want from you
  • Techniques for priming people to cooperate with you towards a win-win outcome
  • The self-sabotaging and completely false belief most IT folks carry around persuasion…
  • And the empowering, fully positive, and correct way to think about it instead
  • Understanding what motivates people the most… and what doesn't
  • The “screaming” technique for finding out how you can best help people (note: does not involve any actual screaming)
  • The most important book teaching the most valuable “tactics” of persuasion
  • How the impulse to consistency affects our behavior
  • How to spot “takers” who will suck up everything you give them while giving nothing in return… and protect yourself from their sneaky tactics
  • How “social proof” actually works in the real world… And simple tips on how to leverage it to build trust and rapport quickly
  • With 5 Breathtaking Bonus Modules (2.25 Hours Of Video Total)

    Bonus #1: Public Speaking

    • Why public speaking is a “cheat code” for exponentially accelerating your progress… Quickly amplifying your charisma and impact
    • How public speaking becomes a MASSIVE boost to your social circle. (Few things can boost it faster!)
    • The one simple “trick” that more than doubles your rate of improvement

    Bonus #2: Dating (For Men Who Like Women)

    • The proven steps to reaching your dating goals most QUICKLY… with the smallest investment of time and energy
    • A breakdown of what to do at each phase of the dating process, and in what order.
    • Why going “out of order” wastes heartbreaking amounts of time, and how to avoid that fate
    • Mainly for men who are attracted to women… because that is what I am qualified to teach! But this bonus video has value for everyone.

    Bonus #3: Creating (And Growing) Your Social Circle

    • The surprisingly simple “primary mechanism” for creating and deepening friendships… which dominates all other considerations
    • The equally surprising secondary “mechanism” that you MUST have in place to be successful
    • How to have multiple "attractors" bringing different groups and kinds of people into your life
    • The best "feeder" activities to start finding candidate new individuals to invite into your growing circle
    • The "Highest ROI" option for creating a massive social circle of talented individuals who admire you and look up to you

    Bonus #4: Applying Your Skills In Interviews

    • The relationship between “hard skills” and “soft skills” in winning interviews
    • The single book you can read that will vastly improve your performance in EVERY interview the rest of your life.
    • Clear tips to prepare before the interview, so you are making your best impression in the limited time.
    • The best “conversation strategy” to use when meeting your potential team members.
    • How to give your interviewer "ammunition" to argue on your behalf among the hiring “decision makers”

    Bonus #5: My "Soft Skills" Reading Library

    • My 12 "must-read" books about communication, human psychology, “win-win” persuasion, and soft skills.
    • Not just sharing their titles, but also telling you WHY they are valuable...
    • And explaining their shortcomings and where they "get it wrong".
    • Covering conversation skills, influence, body language, self-image, life success strategies, and more.
    • With detailed title and author information, so you know exactly where to get them yourself.

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