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Next-Level Python

What Elite 100x Pythonistas Wield To Build "High Impact" Software Like Django, Pytest, Pandas, Requests, Flask, SQLAlchemy And More...

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Dear Fellow Python Lover,

A few years ago, I hit a wall improving my Python skills...

So I did something drastic.

I gathered up the most famous libraries in the Python ecosystem...

Django, Pytest, Flask, Pandas, SQLAlchemy, Requests, Twisted, and more.

And over the course of weeks, I deep-dived the source code of these prominent codebases....

Written by some of the best Python coders in the world...

Asking myself: what features and patterns of the Python do these famously powerful libraries use?

I found a common theme:


This word means simply: writing Python code that operates on other Python code.

Because most Python code operates on data. Strings, ints, lists, dicts, and objects.

But when your code instead works on other code... Well, as you can imagine, it brings a lot of leverage.

The problem: this stuff is not easy to learn.

That is why not even one Python coder in 1,000 will learn these advanced techniques.

But when you do, it unlocks a whole new level of ability for you.

You become someone who can write libraries, components and code you never thought possible for yourself.

Python simply becomes a more expressive and powerful language for you than before.

That is why Powerful Python has developed a full course for Python professionals, called:

Next-Level Python

"This course was the f*cking best training I have ever taken. You rock."

Abdul Salam, Lahore

What You Learn

  • How to write Python decorators... letting you add rich features and behavior around groups of functions and methods
  • The "function object" abstraction... And how it lies at the core of Python
  • Using "key functions" for blazing-fast development of clearly readable, robust, and maintainable algorithms
  • New mental models for how to think about functions in Python... unlocking entirely new idioms and Pythonic design patterns for you
  • How to create "higher-order decorators" which take arguments... an advanced skill that even most people who write decorators will never learn
  • How to implement decorators as classes; the nuanced pros and cons of this radically different approach; and how to decide which path to take
  • Realistic examples and "case studies" of exciting and valuable real-world decorators
  • Programmatically building argument sets to pass to functions and methods at runtime
  • Advanced techniques for writing Python code that transforms, augments, amplifies, remodels and enhances other Python code

"I took your other courses also. But personally, I think this one is one of the best video lectures I have ever seen...

It's a great course and you are really providing the rare content which is more focused on becoming a great developer.

Shankar Jha, Bangalore

Important Note

Expect to watch every video in this course at least twice, or more.

This is NOT a course for people new to Python; in fact it is relatively advanced.

It will challenge you to adopt entirely new strategies for reasoning about Python code...

In other words: we are not just teaching you easy-to-memorize facts and info...

In this course, we flat-out rewire your brain.

You will NEVER see Python the same after this course. It will essentially become a different, and far more powerful language for you.

"This course breaks through to an entirely new level - delivering on the promise to put you into the upper echelons of Python developers. There is a deep, deep value waiting in the full understanding of all of these factors when combined together."

Tipton Cole, Austin, Texas, USA

What's Included

1. Over 2 hours of video, which you will need to watch at least twice

2. ​Extensive hands-on coding exercises ("Labs") covering challenging advanced features and techniques of Python

3. Full solutions

4. Lifetime access...

5. With all future updates and additions.

"The instructor takes you to the next level on this one. The level of Python programming dexterity where you are comfortable tackling ANY programming challenge.

I particularly enjoyed the engaging delivery - he breaks down some of Python's most complex and daunting concepts in a conversational manner. Thank You!"

John Tekdek, Milton Keynes, England

The Requirements

1. Experience writing real-world Python programs. This is an advanced course, and not appropriate for beginners.

2. About 10 hours to watch and re-watch videos, and do the "labs" (coding exercises).

3. Willingness to apply what you learn to the Python code you write outside of class. Practice makes progress.

"The [top secret] section is a great example of not just being taught to use a tool, but is used by this amazing teacher to further my understanding of the way Python ITSELF is designed..."

Bryan Stutts, Colorado, USA

Course Videos

1. Course Intro (18 minutes)

2. Variable Arguments and Argument Unpacking (21 minutes)

3. Functions As Objects (20 minutes)

4. Writing Simple Decorators (25 minutes)

5. Stateful Decorators and More (16 minutes)

6. Higher-Order Decorators (20 minutes)

7. Class-Based Decorators (13 minutes)

"This course bootstraps a programmer with a good general knowledge of Python to a higher level of understanding, appreciation, and skill.

The instructor is a methodical, erudite, patient and highly focused teacher who goes to great lengths to explicate and get into all the nooks and crannies of his subject matter.

By the end of the course, if followed assiduously, you will certainly have raised your Python game.

By the end (assuming you have completed all the labs) you will certainly find yourself far more knowledgeable about Python.

This course is excellent value, and highly recommended."

Tony Holdroyd, Gravesend, UK

"The smooth presentation and progressive exercises helped to cement these concepts for me... The functionality around decorators is particularly well presented - taking one from basic to advanced usage."

Asif Zubair, Memphis, USA


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