What people use Python for

A recent community survey just gave us some insights about Python's purpose.

Specifically, there are three big things Python's now used for:

I think I have some insight in these three areas, because at different points in my career, I've focused on each. Immersing myself in that kind of work, using Python and other languages, before moving to the next.

(My favorite of them being devops, oddly enough. But that's not important.)

Python has a characteristic that I think has let it become widely used in all these areas:

It's easy for smart people to become productive with Python quickly.

THAT is Python's killer feature. Fundamentally, its design lets smart people - who may not even be professional programmers - quickly do useful and valuable things.

Contrast the learning curve of Python with a language like Java or C#. Or even PHP, or Javascript. Especially for these top three engineering domains.

This is why it's worth investing in learning more about Python. By having this "magic" quality, it will only encourage more people to pick it up in the years to come.

And if you REALLY want to position yourself well for the future...

I'll give you a hint:

Start learning to create FRAMEWORKS that other Python developers can build on.

I'll let you ponder on what that means. More soon.