Wars of code

Here's a fascinating question...

From one of the astonishingly attractive, evil-genius-level-smart readers of this blog. He asks:

"Which is more important for getting jobs and gigs: practicing coding at competitive sites like CodeWars? Or building your own projects? Or both?"

While many of you reading this are already "in the workforce", and have a nice job history to rely on...

This is clearly a great question. And surprisingly enough... not just for people early in their career.

Because I say there is one clear answer... hands down:

Build your own projects.

For people early in their career... you can actually do both. But I would prioritize your own projects.

Because it FORCES you to master the many critical skills that even something as excellent as Codewars can't teach you.

And even better: it DEMONSTRATES that to the world. Including whoever's hiring for your dream job...

Which makes it valuable once you already HAVE a solid resume.

Because it can help you get your NEXT dream job.

Great thing about Python is that it's easy to create programs that do interesting and useful things. There are programs you can write in C and Java and other languages that you can't really write in Python.

But if your goal is to boost your career prospects, you have a lot of choice in what your side project can be.

So do you have a side project yet? No reason to wait. Pick an idea, and each week, invest 30 minutes or 10 hours or whatever amount of time is easy to invest.

Create an account on GitBucketLabHub (TM) and start coding.