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How to peek into the Matrix

Years ago, I wrote a couple of short math books.

That's actually my background: mathematical physics. And one thing a mathematical physicist learns to do, is to solve complex equations mentally.

That's what the books were about. Not just how to do complex algebra and calculus... but how to do it in your HEAD.

I'm talking about the Halloween-scary math. Big, hairy, nasty equations... the kind that give people math phobias.

But not you, after reading these books. Instead, you stare at the equation... calmly think for a moment... and you suddenly know the answer.

How does this work?

Well, in a nutshell... by training yourself to use your imagination in certain specific ways, by learning how to manage your attention, and understanding how your brain forms certain abstractions - and how to exploit them.

It reminds me of the mental "superpowers" we can learn while coding. The mental habits, strategies, and even beliefs that make the difference between being an average developer... and being the star on your team.

That's why, in my courses, I often teach you how to visualize what's going on. How to see what the best programmers in the world see, in their mind's eye, when they look at code...

How they use it to reason about the relationships between classes, at a whole new level...

Making leaps no one else can.... getting insights no one else does.

And when you learn to do this...

You start seeing relationships in your code, that you never recognized before. It can change everything.

Like suddenly seeing into the Matrix.

So ask yourself: how can you use this idea, in the coding you do every day?

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