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Far future coding

It's good to think long term.

This morning, I was designing a programming exercise for a course I will probably release a year from now. Maybe two.

Yes, that's a long time.

And the reason it will take a while, is that in order to code up the complex component this lab challenges you to create....

You have to know a LOT.

You have to know a lot about very advanced coding in Python, like:

You need all of these, and more, much more... before you can even START the lab. And there's no guarantee you'd be able to finish it.

Those of you who have been reading this newsletter for a while... you're starting to realize something.

That the road we're walking together here is not just about Python.

It's certainly not just about selling courses.

It's about tapping into your greatest, massive potential as a developer. A level that - out of the ten million software developers on the planet - only a small fraction will ever reach.

(Though maybe we can change that.)

Most people overestimate what they can do in a month, but underestimate just how much they can utterly transform their life in a year.

So, one year from now... where do you want to be?

Do you want to be doing the same things you're doing now? Coding in the same way, thinking the same thoughts, going through the same routine?

Or do you want to be on a different level?

Do you want to be taking on coding projects you never imagined before... and nailing 'em?

Do you want to be the "star" on your team, feeling all the other developers around you appreciating you? Looking up to you?

Do you want to be contributing it outsized ways?

(And - why not - making LOTS MORE MONEY?)

If you don't want this for yourself...

Then this blog, and my newsletter, are not for you. I mean it.

But if you're on board... I'm going to keep pushing you. Because I know your potential.

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