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The Best Way To Learn Beginning Python

Powerful Python's focus is intermediate to advanced Python. It's not for people new to Python, or people new to programming.

But sometimes people ask: how do you GET to that level?

Or maybe you're asking for some beginner you know and love. For someone who IS new to Python - especially if they're new to programming - what's the fastest, best approach?

I'll tell you. And it's free.

Because there's a ridiculous number of beginner courses and books out there... With more spurting up every day...

And I'm sorry to report that most of them are BAD. They emphasize the wrong things, teach poorly, and have other gruesome wretched problems.

How is a beginner supposed to judge the difference? They can't. They just have to pick one, and hope for the best.

Fortunately, your handsome pal Aaron is one of the best technical trainers on the face of the Earth... AND a world-class expert in Python.

So while I don't teach the beginner level any more... I can certainly recognize when someone else does it really, really well.

In fact, there is one resource for Python newbies that is THE BEST. No contest. There is no better way to learn ANYWHERE.


Use this book:

Scroll down to where it says "Table of Contents" - the chapters are all online.

Start with Chapter 0. Go through, chapter by chapter...

And do ALL the coding exercises and practice problems at the end of each chapter. All of them.

That's the important part. Do NOT start the next chapter, until you've done those end-of-chapter exercises.

(I'll be gracious and give you a bit of wiggle: finish at least 90% of them. But I want you to solidly attempt every single one.)

Do chapters 0 through 8, then chapter 10, in this way. (Chapter 9, and chapters 11 and beyond, are useful but optional. Do them if you like, but only after completing chapter 10.)

Once you've done that, you have my permission to say you've mastered the basics.

Al Sweigart, the author of Automate the Boring Stuff, has no idea I'm publishing this. I don't get a kickback or anything.

I'm just telling you, there is NO BETTER WAY to learn the basics of programming in Python - and to avoid harmful "anti-lessons" you'll have to un-learn later - than to use Al's book, in the way I say above.

Important: Al also has a cheap Udemy course. You can use that too, but if so make sure you do the coding exercises in his book.

(That's the important part. If you're too lazy to at least attempt the book's coding exercises, for each chapter, in order... then give up. Watch Netflix or something instead, unsubscribe from the Powerful Python Newsletter, and accept you don't have what it takes to be a programmer.)

Again, for most people reading the Powerful Python blog, this is probably not for you - you already know how to use Python to write real software, and just want to do it better.

But you might know someone who IS a beginner... and this is exactly what they need.

In the meantime, if you see Al, tell him I said Hi.

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