Learn Python On Mac

If you work on Apple Mac computers, and you want to learn to code in Python, this $27 $19 ebook shows you how.

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Python is the most important programming language in the world.

It has even become the language of AI. Top companies like Google, McKinsey, and more have gone "all-in" using Python for their new AI projects.

But most Python courses and books are made for Windows. NOT macOS. Even though Python is much more powerful on Macs!

That is why I wrote Learn Python On Mac. The ONLY book made for people learning to write Python code on macOS.

Three Ways Python Is Better On macOS

  1. More Automation. You can write your own programs in Python, that are easy to use and get things done.
  2. Better Tools. Because the world's best software developers love to write code on macOS, you have the best tools available.
  3. Makes Your Work Better. Since you work on macOS all day, you can use Python to boost your productivity, get things done faster, and make it all more fun!

"Learn Python On Mac"
Shows You How

My name is Aaron Maxwell. I am a software developer, worked in Silicon Valley, and I even wrote a book about advanced Python programming, called Powerful Python.

But I realized....

Something Was Missing.

Because I will tell you Python's "superpower":

Python lets people do useful things VERY quickly... even if they are not coders at all!

This is NOT true of Javascript, C, or any other programming language.

Only Python has this "do useful things fast" property.

This works even BETTER on macOS, which is what the best Python developers today prefer to use.

What You Learn

Learn Python On Mac is designed to help you get "up and running" quickly. Even if you have never written Python before!

Chapters include:

  1. Setup and Install How to put Python on your Mac, and then write and run your first Python program!
  2. Python As Your Super-Calculator Making Python one of your best everyday tools from now on!
  3. Using The Command-Line Terminal A skill that will change how you use your Mac FOREVER. No other Python training will teach you this!
  4. Writing Simple Programs Most courses and books teach you this important key LAST. But Learn Python On Mac teaches you from the start!
  5. Variables and Collections The first foundation for making Python more useful to you every day.
  6. Functions The most important Py-tool for making increasingly powerful programs.
  7. Bonus Chapters Planned for the near future. You get ALL future updates to Learn Python On Mac, FOR FREE.
  8. Simple Classes A gateway to using Python's many useful "libraries", and a building block to increasingly powerful programs.

"Beta" Bonus: Author Q&A

Learn Python On Mac is currently in "beta". I have written the core, but am updating it every week.

That is why Learn Python On Mac is currently discounted at 30% off.

But during this "beta" period, I am doing something else too:

Weekly Zoom Q&A Sessions

Where I (the author) answer your questions directly, while screen-sharing live-coded examples.

These are interactive group tutoring sessions, to get you "un-stuck" and moving forward.

Second, these are RECORDED for you also. So you will always be able to refer back to them.

And if you cannot attend live, just submit your question ahead of time, and I'll answer on the recording for you.

This is a priceless bonus that gives you "face time" with the author, to get your questions answered live.

Plus you learn from the questions other book readers ask, too!

Please note these free weekly sessions are ONLY provided during this "beta" period. So buy your copy ASAP to participate.

YES! Send Me the Book + All Bonuses For $27 $19

Questions & Answers

If you have a question not answered here, email me at: aaron@powerfulpython.com

Who is this for?
It's for you if you own any kind of Apple Mac, and want to learn to code in Python.
Do I need to know some Python before I start?
No, this ebook is for people who are completely new to programming.
Do I need any special software?
No, just the software which comes with your Mac. The book will tell you how to download and install the other software you will need, which is all free.
Do you really do weekly live Q&A Zoom calls?
Yes, during the book's "beta" period. You can ask the author questions, and he will answer for you on the call live. It will not last forever, so I recommend you get in now.
Is there any charge for the Q&A Zoom calls?
No, these are free and included with your purchase of the ebook. You also can review the recordings of past sessions.
What if I have a question, but cannot attend the call live?
You can submit the question before, and I will answer it on the recording for you.
Are these Q&A sessions recorded?
Yes, all sessions are recorded, so you can review them after.
How often is the book updated?
Generally at least once per week, until the "beta" is closed.
What version of macOS is this for?
We recommend you have Ventura (version 13) or later. Some of what is described in the book may work differently on older versions.

YES! Send Me the Book + All Bonuses For $27 $19

Praise For Powerful Python

Learn Python On Mac is a brand new book, so I am still collecting reader reviews.

But my previous book, called Powerful Python, has many. Which you can read below:

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