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Pythonic OOP

Learn Object-Oriented Programming For Real-World Python In This Course For Technology Professionals.

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Dear fellow Python programmer,

If you want to dramatically increase the quality of the Python code you create...

And see clear patterns in massive, complex code bases you could never notice before...

If you want to write more advanced and high-impact software in Python...

The best thing you can do is learn Pythonic object-oriented programming.

OOP is the foundation of all intermediate and advanced Python coding.

That is why pretty much all realistic Python codebases are built on classes and objects...

Making full use of Python's object system... its powerful abstractions and uniquely Pythonic features.

Simply put: if you want to write better Python faster, learn OOP.

That is why Powerful Python has developed a full course on OOP for Python professionals, called:

Pythonic OOP

"This course is by far the most exhaustive OOP course in Python I've taken... If you're interested in learning about OOP in Python, and even if you think you know everything there is, I highly recommend taking this course."

Hana Khan, Santa Clara, California, USA

What You Will Learn

1. The OOP "Power Principles"... Timeless foundations of OOP, and how you express them in Python.

2. Inheritance: Classes that build on each other. How to create powerful "base classes" that supercharge every class you derive from it.

3. Properties and Access Control: Making your life so much easier! Data validation, refactoring support, and much more.

4. Factories And Design Patterns: Understand Python-only extensions. How Python does many patterns completely differently from any other language.

"It's hard to find good intermediate to advanced Python training. This course skips the boring, bare-bones basics that we already know, and gets to the important concepts."

Chris Lesage, Montreal, Canada

What's Included

1. Over 4.5 hours of instructional video

2. Extensive hands-on coding exercises ("Labs")

3. Full solutions

4. Lifetime access...

5. With all future updates and additions.

"I liked the course very much. Expect to kickstart your OOP journey ahead of an average beginner. Final verdict: recommended."

Konstantin Baikov, Nuremberg , Germany

The Requirements

1. Ability to write simple Python scripts using functions, dicts and lists.

2. A recent version of Python 3.

3. About 10 hours to watch and re-watch videos, and do the "labs" (coding exercises).

4. Willingness to apply what you learn to the Python code you write outside of class.

"I felt this course is much needed to really understand the power of Python as an object oriented programming language. I read a lot about Python but didn't find any such course where you learn some really interesting concepts with such ease."

Kapil Gupta, New Delhi

Course Videos

1 Course Intro (22 minutes)

2 Python's Syntax for Classes (23 minutes)

3 The Single-Responsibility Principle (10 minutes)

4 Inheritance (20 minutes)

5 Refactoring For Inheritance (7 minutes)

6 Interfaces (17 minutes)

7 Methods And Inheritance (8 minutes)

8 Access Control ( minutes)

9 Properties ( minutes)

10 Properties And Refactoring (17 minutes)

11 Factories, Class Methods And Static Methods (11 minutes)

12 The Pythonic Observer Pattern (20 minutes)

13 Python's Data Classes (35 minutes)

Bonus: Three Magic OOP Tricks (7 minutes)

Bonus: Live Webinar Recording #1 (59 minutes)

Bonus: Live Webinar Recording #2 (31 minutes)

"This course is awesome! The instructor has the unique ability to make abstract (and difficult) concepts so understandable... I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to not only use OOP, but also to understand what goes on under the hood and makes a powerful Python pattern."

John Tekdek, Milton Keynes, England


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