The big secret to becoming a 10x coder

How do you become ten times more productive as a programmer?

In our profession, that's possible. It's not in everything a person can do. A runner cannot run ten times as fast as an average good runner; a brick layer cannot lay bricks ten times as fast as the average good bricklayer; and so on.

But a programmer can become ten times as productive as the average good programmer. A hundred times, even.

Why is that?

It's because our profession is not LINEAR. As you get better at design... At recognizing coding situations, and which strategy will be most fruitful...

At seeing the most impactful way to "divide and conquer" a set of requirements... At realizing what you DON'T need to waste time doing...

All these compound together. In multiplicative, even exponential ways.

So how do you learn this?

There are plenty of blog posts out there on this topic. Some of them are even worth reading!

But I want to suggest a factor that isn't widely discussed:


Understanding how your mind works. How to use your mind differently, for greater creative impact.

I mean learning the dimensions in how you consciously represent information... Visually, auditorily, kinesthetically, conceptually...

Versus the mental strategies you use to reason about it... And how different levels of logic and even emotion within you come into play...

THAT'S leverage. That's power. As you get better and better at this, over time... It becomes possible to 10x yourself several times over.

So where can you start?

Well, it's a giant topic. And those of you who are subscribed to the newsletter, I'll actually be teaching you over the coming months.

But for now, ask yourself:

How can you better organize how you THINK about your code?