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Stop Wasting Time with too-basic tutorials and videos:

Not to mention the glacially slow pace of their videos... leaving you sitting there thinking, "Come on, get on with it. Stop wasting my time!"

How do you finally master Python's intermediate and advanced features... without wading through endless heaps of trivial, impractical example code?

Introducing Breakthrough Python.

This extensive, detailed, exceedingly practical training program starts where the typical Python course leaves off. It's literally guaranteed to be unique in its depth:

As one student said:

"I picked up [a bundle of Packt's Python books] and leafed through them. They are all the same. They cover the basics, or use trivial, non-practical code. On the other hand, your code examples are strikingly clear and practical. Buying this course is a no-brainer."

What Topics Are Covered?

What People Are Saying

Some quotes from customers who purchased and went through the material in Breakthrough Python:

Extremely Important Note

Breakthrough Python is NOT a beginner course. Before you buy today, you ought to have experience writing real-world software, and posses an "advanced beginner" knowledge of the Python language. In particular:

Once someone knows Python's basics, what aspects and features of Python are most important for a Python developer to learn next. That are the very best use of your learning time and energy. That's Breakthrough Python. Every single moment of this training program is solidly grounded in real-world software engineering needs and practice, even to the point of giving you advice on how to work harmoniously with your fellow developers on the same code base. It's entirely self-paced... so you can go as slow or as fast as you want through the lecture videos, programming exercises, and other resources - all on your own schedule.

Who Created This?

Let me tell you why I think this is all so important. I'm Aaron Maxwell, a software engineer, and - more recently - author of the book Powerful Python. In my career, I've been blessed to work with some truly outstanding engineers, in many different domains... web development (where I started), machine learning, devops, test automation, and more. After working over a decade on different engineering teams, I realized there was a lack of quality instruction for intermediate and advanced Python development... and decided to do something about it.

Staggeringly Well Tested

The material in Breakthrough Python has been tested with well over ONE THOUSAND Python developers around the PLANET. I won't bore you with the details of how I started flying out to corporate HQs all over the place, living out of hotels as I taught intensive, week-long workshops to rooms filled with their experienced engineers... getting real-time feedback on what professional software developers find most valuable, effective and useful in advancing their skill with Python... and what was not as worthwhile, and therefore immediately dropped from the course.

The benefit to you is this: Breakthrough Python is staggeringly well tested. Not just in the lecture material, but in its extensive coding exercises you are guided through, to deeply install those massively practical and immensely important tools, techniques, patterns and insights you need to be vastly more effective in Python right away.

Two Different Zero Risk "Money-Back" Guarantees

That remarkable and uncommon degree of rigorous testing and repeated refinement lets me make you not one, but two promises:

First, I will happily refund a full 100% of your purchase price if you are not completely satisfied, delighted, and in fact supremely happy with the value you've gained. Take all the time you need over 30 days to study these videos, do the coding exercises, dive into the additional course materials, and put what you learn into practice. If it's not obvious by then that Breakthrough Python is a remarkably valuable course for permanently catapulting your skill writing software in Python, simply contact customer service within this period to get your immediate, no-hassle refund.

But I feel we can go further than that. There are a LOT of low-price, low-quality products out there for learning Python. Companies like Udemy, Coursera, Packt, Lynda and more build their business out of the kind of cookie-cutter content they can crank out on an assembly line. And it's useful for people brand new to programming.

But having read this far, you're well past the point where those are worth your time, aren't you?

So let me further reassure you with a second guarantee: There is no other self-paced course like Breakthrough Python - at this or ANY lower price - covering the same topics at the same degree of depth. If you do find one, contact customer service (within 30 days), with a link to where we can purchase the course. We'll investigate. If we find it DOES cover all topics in Breakthrough Python, and at the same advanced level of sophistication and depth, for the price you paid for Breakthrough Python (or less)... we'll not only give you a full and immediate refund... we'll also let you KEEP your access to Breakthrough Python for FREE.

Because we're so outrageously fanatical in our mission to bring advanced Python programming to the world, we're pretty confident we'll never have to do this. Every single Python course we've found on the market does not even come close. But if it ever happens, you're protected by this guarantee.

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