What’s Next?

How lucky we are. Our craft of software is profoundly rewarding - personally, professionally, financially…​ and in terms of the massive, positive impact we can have. It’s deeply fulfilling, in ways those who don’t code may never know.

On top of that, we have a wonderful language like Python to code in. When I first met Guido van Rossum in person, I thanked him for creating my favorite language. If you ever meet him, do the same!

This is not an end. It’s a starting point. And I mean that: I already have a detailed outline of this book’s 3rd edition, and even some of the fourth. And at least two other completely different books mapped out, about Python or the broader craft of software development. And other media like videos, and live, in-person events. All I will say is: keep an eye on powerfulpython.com.

So…​ we’re not done. Maybe you found the hidden message earlier: "This book is just the beginning. Far more to come." And while I can’t yet reveal what that fully means, I hope you’re just as excited as I for the future.

My email is aaron@powerfulpython.com. I know there are topics you have always wanted to learn about, for Python or programming in general. As you think of them, tell me; your requests deeply influence what I create next. Even if I don’t reply (sometimes my inbox just gets buried), I always carefully read and consider what you have to say.

Thank you for reading; it is my honor writing for you. My prayer is that you will find it valuable in your work, your career, even - dare I hope? - your life. If we ever cross paths, please introduce yourself. I’d love to meet you.

Happy coding!

Aaron Maxwell

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